Image 2 BP Funnel 2

Gordon then joined the tanker, British Endurance and had two successful trans-Atlantic voyages. They sailed halfway across the ocean before splitting and sailing to the Windward Islands in the Caribbean calling at Port au Spain. Shore leave was interesting. In searching for a bottle of rum, Gordon ended up in a dingy club where he was surrounded by thirty threatening locals. A quick retreat was called for and a dash back to the ship, clutching the bottle of spirit.

Oil was taken on board and after an uneventful trans-Atlantic run, they arrived in Liverpool, unloading in the dark which felt depressing.

After 48 hours, they set off again for Port Arthur in Texas and there loaded up with fuel for aircraft. They moored at a small jetty and the ship tied to large trees. Uniformed police with two guns kept guard over them day and night and when they left, the locals waved them off, flying American flags. They wished the Brits well carrying such a dangerous cargo and showed support for the war effort. The ship dropped anchor off Key West one night in a safe area and with lights on thousands of fish were attracted probably by gash thrown over the side. They then headed off to join a convoy and gained Liverpool safely.

Gordon was due a few days leave and was at home when son, Christopher was born on 7th October, 1943.


Gordon on a following leave with Frances, Christopher and Valerie