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HMS Borage

A Poem written at the time by Gordon Hulland 10.10.1942

When we boarded the K120, we found hospitality in plenty
Many a good lad, brave and true, dressed in Royal Navy blue
To number 7 mess they sent us to dine and the welcome received was simply fine
They said, “Dig in boys, that’s all we’ve got.” They seemed to think it wasn’t a lot
But we sat ourselves down and ate like a hog, biscuits and tea and good old corned dog
We ate with or fingers and drank from a tin, of cups, knives and forks, they were rather thin
That didn’t worry us and I have to admit we ate and enjoyed every little bit
Night came along and we lay down to rest, to me, the hammock rack seemed the best
At 4 am said Jack, “It’s not too late, turn in my hammock I’m on watch till eight.
Another one came and offered me the loan of soap and towel - I had none of my own
A wash was one of my greatest needs and I’ll remember the kindness of the boy from Leeds
If it wasn’t the fact that we were wearing khaki, we’d volunteer to join the crew of the K one twenty.

The Escort by Jim Robinson